Zach – Lincoln

My name is Zach and I am between 3 and 4 years old. No one is really sure. I came out of a situation where I was being starved in my own back yard. I was awfully thin and awfully hungry but some kind rescue people got me into shelter where I started to be fed and I was ever so happy! I am starting to get some weight put back on and enjoying all of the love and attention I can get for I am a boy with lots of love to give and I don’t hold grudges.

I am heartworm positive and will have to go through treatment but that doesn’t prevent me from being adopted and don’t let it scare you off. The rescue will work anyone who is interested and qualifies to adopt me.

I am a happy fella and I love people. I get overly eager sometimes to meet people. I don’t have a lot of manners and haven’t been taught a lot of things but I am willing to learn. My forever family really should have Doberman or like breed experience and must commit to taking me to training. So far I have been good in meeting other dogs.

If you are interested in me please go to and review the adoption criteria and area and if you qualify please apply. I am looking forward to a forever home with lots of love and regular meals.