Tobias – Lincoln

My name is Tobias and I an approximately a year and a half old. I had a long journey to come into rescue after I was hit by a car and left laying with a broken leg. I was picked up and the rescue was contacted by the local authorities after no one claimed me so I arrived in here where I am getting medical care. I had surgery and a plate was placed in my leg and the vet is watching very carefully to make sure I don’t get an infection.

I am a very sweet boy and very grateful for the care I am getting. People are saying I am a heartbreaker but I am just happy to be alive and safe.

I will not be ready for a new home for a bit as I have to heal and stabilize but if you are interested in me please go to and review the adoption criteria and area. Applications can be placed there too. Thank you for your support and good wishes while I heal.