Tobias – Lincoln

My name is Tobias and I am approximately now two years old. Remember me?  I was the boy who was hit by a car and left lying there until someone helped me and sent me to rescue.   I had a long journey to get better but I made it!  I had surgery and a plate was placed in my leg.

I am getting around very well now and am SO READY for a forever home.  Forever home, where are you?  I dream of you every night and think about you all day long.  How I long to meet you…..

To help you know that you need me in your life, here is what will help me to have a great life in your home:

  • I cannot have any rough play with another big dog.  It would be best if I go in with a dog that will not play rough with me.  We can play just not that really hard stuff that Dobermans sometimes like to do.
  • I cannot be run with a jogger or bicycle.
  • No cats.

Time will tell if the plate will have to be removed or stay in.  At this point we just don’t know.

I am a very sweet boy and very grateful for the care I am getting.  People are saying I am a heartbreaker but I am just happy to be alive and safe. I would be a lot happier if someone would adopt me and love me forever.

Please review the adoption rules.  If you qualify and are interested in adopting me, please place an application by : CLICKING HERE