My name is TJ and I am between 4-5 years old.  My history is not clear.  I have gone through several homes and was not fed the proper way for most of them.  I am about 30 pounds overweight and for a dog that is A LOT.  I have now landed in rescue and the rescue is working to get my weight off and get me fit and trim again.

I am such a nice boy.  Some of the volunteers call me a gentleman!  I am a people magnet.  At the store showing everyone wanted to meet me!  I love people and so I was glad to greet the public and it not only gave the public a great opportunity to meet super nice me but to educate people on keeping a dog’s weight in check.  As for me I want to make my next stop my forever one where I will be loved and cherished all of my days for the gem that I am.  Underneath all of this excess weight is a guy who is just a lover.

I am strong!  When I decide to go check out something while I am on leash you may be going with me whether you want to or not.  I have a high prey drive and want to chase rabbits, guinea pigs and I fixate on cats so they are not a good idea either.  The good news?  I love dogs close to my own size and love to play and interact.  I just want to be friends!  Little dogs are unknown but even after I lose my weight I am a big boy and could hurt smaller dogs without meaning to so bigger dogs would be best.  NO CATS.

I ride well in the car and I listen to my foster mom really well.  I just want to learn and to please.

If you are interested in me please review the adoption area and rules.  If you qualify, please place an application for me: CLICK HERE.