Nelly and Laddie

Hello, my name is Laddie and the pretty brown girl standing next to me is my very best friend Nelly.  We have been together all of our lives but recently lost our home when our owner had a health crisis that would not allow them to care for us any longer.  We are desperately seeking a new home but we MUST STAY TOGETHER.  We are very deeply bonded to one another.

I am 10 years old but don’t let that give you pause for I do not act my age at all nor do I look it.  I am an active cropped and docked taller boy with a sweet disposition.  Nelly is a mixed breed and she is 7 years old.  She is my best friend in the whole world.  She is a female so sometimes she tells me what to do but I don’t mind.

We are very loving dogs who have been through a lot together.  We need a home that will take us both in and love us both.  The rescue is assisting in helping us find that home.

Please review the adoption rules and if you qualify please place an application: CLICK HERE