Max & Ruby

Find us a Home together if you can, we are very attached to each other.

Our names are Max and Ruby and we are a very bonded pair.  We are both 3 years old and have lived together most of our lives (we are NOT littermates).  We have been together all of our lives and even had a litter of puppies at one time but then life took a drastic change and we found ourselves homeless.  We were so glad the rescue took us in together because losing our home rocked our world and we are working to adjust.

Max has always been the protector and is more comfortable when I, Ruby am close by.  We both get a little anxious meeting new people but because Max feels the need to protect me he gets a bit more anxious, especially around men.  We do warm up fairly quickly though.  We just need to be introduced properly.  We are very food motivated so that helps a lot of things.

Max likes to play with toys but I am not that big on toys.  Max is rough and tumble and I am more gentle natured.  Both of us have faces that will melt your hearts.  We are very loyal and loving.  We like to ride in the car and both ride nicely.  I walk pretty well on a leash but Max is strong and pulls. Please don’t misunderstand me, Max isn’t a bad guy at all!

The ideal home for us would be a home that understands Dobermans and has recent experience with them.  It would be easiest if there are no other dogs in the home – not because we don’t like other dogs but because taking us on as a pair is taking on TWO new dogs and that is a lot of work and adjustment.   We have not been cat tested at this point.  By the way, Max will chew up blankets so he can’t have any at this time.

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