My name is Maggie and I was picked up as a stray and my owner never came to look for me. I am estimated to be between 2 and 3 years old but the rescue vet thinks I am closer to 2. I have cropped ears that were never posted properly so they don’t stand but they add to my charm that way.

I am a pretty little girl with a big heart. I have a lot of energy so when I first start walking I pull out all of the stops and squeal all of my tires but after a few minutes I settle down and walk much better. I LOVE attention and want ALL of the attention I can get. I am kind of a diva. I am chatty when other dogs approach but I do settle down so an introduction (as always) would be best.

I have NOT been cat tested.

I have all of the right components to be a totally awesome dog but I need an owner who will lovingly and patiently work with me, without being a total pushover because I need leadership. My adoptive family must agree to take me to training.

Please ask for me at