My name is Joy and my history is not known but I was named because I spread smiles and love wherever I go!  I am probably around 7 years old and judging by the amount of fleas and fly bites on me I have spent way too much time outside but that is all behind me now.

Let me tell you something that the volunteers know about me: I am gentle and sweet. If you are watching your sweets I might not be a good idea ! ha ha   I am loving, I am gentle and so far I don’t get too flapped at other dogs, cats are unknown. I ride great in the car and my leash manners are quite nice. I have a very pretty prance when I get going.

I don’t require a high amount of exercise, moderate would be good. It would be best if there are other dogs in the home that they aren’t young and apt to jump all over me – more calm would be better! I would be a great companion to someone who wants a dog that won’t drag them down the street but enjoys a leisurely walk.

I am a treasure.

UPDATE ON JOY: Joy is the sweetest and most gentle soul one could ever hope to know. She isn’t phased by other dogs and we’ve had her meet quite a few. Life clearly has not been easy for this girl who was abandoned when she needed people the most. We have found out just today that Joy has Wobbler’s. It isn’t curable but it is treatable. The right family for her will be willing to take care of her needs. We are getting her started on some good nutrition and supplements to help her. She is walking well and we want to keep her that way. Someone out there needs this girl and will provide what she needs to stay as healthy as possible. She has a lot of life left to give and she gives her whole self. We know she will find the right place.

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