My name is Jack and I am around a year and a half old now.  I am a boy with lots of energy and an inquisitive mind to match it.  The first thing people notice is that I am missing an eye.  This was removed when I was very young .  For the most part I don’t miss it but more on that later…..

The other word that comes to mind with me is TOYS for I love my toys.  They are my troops.  I line them up and check them all out and carry them up to my room and if any one of them is missing I search until I find it for I know what it is like to feel lost.  I was once a stray myself!  If the lost toy is somewhere that I cannot reach I get my foster mom’s attention and have her get it for me.  I try to treat all of my toys equally and give them each special time.  This is very important to me.  Playing with toys helps me work off energy and also works my mind.  I love Kongs, squeakies, Nylabones, balls, basically anything.

I am crate trained, housebroken and ride great in the car.  My leash skills aren’t too bad.

I love my foster mom and love to cuddle with her and get massages and I look out for her too.

Due to my missing eye I have a blind side and can be unconfident in new situations.  It does affect how I perceive things. I adapt quickly to those I trust but the trust has to be earned.  I may not have always been treated well in my former life My forever home will need to be calm with adults only:  no kids or teens.  They will also need to have recent experience with adolescent Dobermans and be willing to take me to training with patient, loving leadership to help me grow successfully with having one eye.

.If you are interested in me please review the adoption area and rules.  If you qualify, please place an application for me: CLICK HERE.  Thank you.