Hello! My name is


My name is Holly and I am estimated to be 2 years old.    Life was not easy for me – I started being forced to have babies as early as I could and then when they didn’t want me anymore I was cast to the side of the road like a piece of trash.  Although it was a scary experience, in many ways it was my lucky day.  I was taken to safety and I get to start over!

The word most often used to describe me is “happy” and that is because I am!  I was rescued.  I don’t have to live in hard conditions any more.  I am going to love my new family so much!  I can’t wait to meet them!

I am good with people and good with the other dogs I have met but I’m afraid I hate cats.  NO CATS for me.  They get really upset.

I am a lady in the car and don’t do too badly on a leash either.

One thing you should know about me is that I tested borderline for a thing called VonWillebrand’s disease.  This means that I can have trouble clotting and extra  precautions should be taken if I have to have surgery.  Don’t let it worry you because I came through my spay with no issues.   Just know and be informed.

I am so ready for a new life.  Look for me.  I’m the girl with the big smile.

If you are interested in me please review the adoption criteria and area.  If you qualify, click the Adoption Form

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