My name is Elliott and I am young 1 ½-2 years old by estimation for dogs do not count birthdays as humans do.  I am young but I have lived lifetimes of awful things in my short time on earth.  My scars tell the story of abuse and neglect and hunger but my heart tells the story of hope and belief that there are people in this world who will love me, for after all that has happened to me I still believe in and trust people.  Until recently, I wondered if my life was over because I was wandering and starving.  It was cold out and I was hungry and I wondered if the steps I was taking were going to be my last.  Still, I held onto hope as I kept moving.  A guardian angel beckoned and led me to a home nearby and much to my surprise and relief the people inside took me in and then worked to get me into rescue.  I could not hear the voices of the angel or these people and I cannot hear the volunteers in the rescue because I am mostly deaf from repeated ear issues that were never attended to.  It doesn’t matter now because I have been found and hope soars in my heart.  I “hear” through the tender touch of people who do care and see their loving body language and the love in their eyes for me and I know that I have been spared for a special purpose.  Someone needs me in their life.  I will not dwell upon the past because for the first time since I was a tiny puppy snuggled against my mother my future is full of hope!  Right now I am enjoying the warmth of being indoors, the softness of bedding, regular meals, the kind and tender touch of people and even exercise!

I am the Christmas miracle, the little boy who was wandering and lost who kept seeking until an angel led me to help.  I am so grateful for life and for those who helped give it to me: the people who took me in, the rescue volunteers, the veterinarian and staff and all of the people who give to the rescue to pay my bills and keep me going. How can I tell you all thank you?  If you give money, prayers or encouragement to the rescue you are giving to me directly!  There are so many good people in the world yet.  My heart always told me so but now I know.

For now I am working on getting some weight onto my starved body but I have dreams of my forever family.  Someone who NEEDS me and understands Dobermans and deaf dogs.  I was saved and live for a reason and I don’t intend to waste it.

More will be posted about me.  Please pray for me as I recover.  If you would like to donate for my bills you can go to www.doberescue-ne.org and make a Paypal donation or write a check to DRON and mail it to POB 390684, Omaha, NE  68139-0684.  Prayers and encouragement also help

Pssssst I have a secret. I have gained 15 lbs since coming to Doberman Rescue!. Check out some of my pictures. Tell me if you think my butt is too fat. They told me that I still need to gain more.