My name is Dillon.  I am a handsome 5 year old cropped and docked boy.  Up until earlier this year I had lived my life in one family but they moved away and left Ava and I behind.  This was extremely hard on us.  We had never been out around other people and dogs much and we both went into a kind of mental shock with this big change.

Fortunately, there were patient and loving volunteers who began to work with us and move us forward and we keep getting better all of the time.  I have learned to trust other people.  I want so badly to please my new family but a new family has been very slow in coming.  Ava and I have even learned to live apart and are no longer so dependent upon one another that we can’t be separated.

I know basic obedience commands and am learning, with the help of a head collar, to walk better on lead.  At first, all I did was pull but that is improving all of the time.  My other dog skills are improving as well although I would likely do best with a submissive female close to my own size:  no cats or small dogs.

I also need to go to a home with current Doberman experience, someone who understands the breed and has had recent experience in living with and training them.  I need a good leader with patience to help me continue to blossom into the wonderful dog that I am.

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