My name is Bentley and I am four years old.   I wonder sometimes why I was named after a powerful striking automobile – was it because I looked powerful and confident? I also wonder why my life has been so hard and why I am in rescue right now.

You see, I have not always been treated well by the human race. I endured very painful times in my life at the hands of humans and especially from children. It is not fun for a dog to be teased and tortured. We are supposed to love children but because of what happened to me at times I just can’t trust them at all. They make me very nervous and uncomfortable. Adults are another matter. I open up and let them in but it takes me time to warm up and assess the situation.   I don’t mind being petted but being hugged – even by adults- scares me to death.

Now, please don’t think that I sit around all day dwelling on the past. I don’t. I look to the future and dream of a family of adults who will be trustworthy. Who won’t let me down. A family who will see the beautiful and even humorous boy I can be. I have a lot of joy inside of me and long to share that but it has to be with someone I can trust. In many respects I’m no different from a human who has been hurt. Healing and trust take time but I still enjoy life!

I love a good car ride! I was once riding in the country with one or our volunteers and we saw a bald eagle lift off of the road in front of us with a rabbit in his beak and I even sat there with my mouth open at the sight. I’d like to share more moments like that. I am a smart boy. I want to please and I want to learn. I need confidence. I walk well on a leash and know several commands and I want to learn more and more. I need a family who will love me enough to teach me. Who will see the beauty of my spirit.

The thing I crave most in a forever home after love is CALMNESS. I have had my fill of screaming yelling and hitting. I need quiet patient trusting leadership from ADULTS( I WILL NOT be adopted to a home with children.) who understand dogs but, more importantly, understand Dobermans. Recent Doberman experience is a key to me meeting my goals. If there is another dog in the household it is best if it is female, submissive and calm(and more medium sized or larger) Dogs getting in my face and being pushy and noisy drives me crazy – most humans don’t like that either. Face it, it’s just not good manners.

I am a diamond in the ruff just waiting for a human that will not let me down but will see it through so that I can sparkle with confidence and learn and grow!

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