My name is Allie and I am 2-3 years old.  I was picked up as a stray so my history is not known.   I can tell you that life was not easy for me before I came to rescue.  I will go and hide if there are loud voices.  In my past loud voices meant bad things!

I love my foster mom and my canine sisters and brother.  We play hard and often.  I would be best in a home where I have a dog my own size or even bigger to play with.  I would not get enough needed activity if I were an only dog.  I need canine companions.  I would be too rough for little dogs thus the reason for one my own size of bigger.

I am crate trained and housebroken and am very loyal (although sometimes I can be a bit stubborn) and loving but my forever family will have to be patient with me when I transition from my foster home to theirs as it will take me some time to adjust.  Because of things in my past, I size people up carefully before I dive in and totally trust them but when I give my heart and my trust I give it completely.  Just give me time and patience to fit in.  This is true of a lot of people when changes come, they need time and space to adjust and it is no different with me.

If you invest in me you will get an unbelievable amount of love and joy back!  I promise.   Ask my foster mom, she knows!

Please review the adoption requirements and if you are interested and qualify please complete an application.

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