My name is Ace and I am just over a year old. I came into rescue after being picked up running the countryside in another state. I just thought I was going for a ride with my family and was all excited only to find myself dropped off in the middle of nowhere and left to fend for myself. I had no idea what to do but my world was turned upside down.

I have been in rescue awhile now. All of the females I befriend get adopted(so I must be good luck for them)but I remain and my heart aches. Oh how I want to belong to someone forever and ever! Every day I watch and hope for that someone that I know will be the right one. I know I am young and have not really had any training or manners but I am so open to learning them! I am full of life and all of the things that go with a young Doberman. I am so loving – I may even sit in your lap.

I ride nicely in the car and my leash skills are “ok”. I would love a playmate close to my size. I would likely trample a small dog without meaning too. I want to play and play hard!

Santa did not bring me a home for Christmas but I remain hopeful as 2019 opens. I want a family who will be patient with me in all of my ignorance and train me to be the great dog that resides deep within. Oh, how hard I will work to learn – just adopt me and provide that patient consistent leadership. If you are not a patient person please don’t look at me.

As we roll into this New Year I will keep watching, wishing and waiting for the right ones with a great longing in my heart.

Please go to, review the adoption rules and if you qualify please place an application.