Ace-Omaha (updated)

Hello Doberman lovers,

My name is Ace and I’m almost 2 years old.  I’ve been with the rescue for a while and I’m finally in a foster home.  Let me tell ya this is the life.  Don’t get me wrong…my foster parents are a little tough on me but I’m young and I need some guidance.

I have my own room, which is awesome!  I have a nice soft bed to sleep on and plenty of toys to play with.  I didn’t have many toys in the kennel so this is really fun.  I play tug and keep away with the rope toy, I chew on a Nyla bone, and these spiky rubber balls are a lot of fun.

I’m also learning a lot of new things.  When I am fed, I have learned to “wait” for my food.  Before I came here, I used to just rush to the trough and gobble up all the food.  I’m getting better at sit although sometimes I’m so excited that it’s tough to just sit…I want to play and play and play.  Down is tough but in time I’m sure I’ll get that one “down” also.  I come to my foster dad when he calls me (most of the time) but when we’re out in the backyard with all the birds and squirrels it’s sometime hard to concentrate on what he says.  I like to run around and check out all that is going on.

I’ve made friends with my foster sister although she gets cranky with me sometimes because I have so much energy and I get in her way.  She’s a lot older than I am and she’s not feeling well so sometimes I try to be really nice and go to my kennel and just be quiet.  Before I came here I was in a kennel and played with a lot of other dogs.  I get along well with just about every dog I have met.

I’m a really sweet boy and I’m looking to be adopted by someone who understands what a 2-year-old puppy needs.  I’m getting some training here but I know I need to have more so that I can be the best friend you’ll ever have.

Now I guess I should tell you a little about my mischievous side.  If you leave something on the kitchen counter and you’re not watching it just might be gone.  You see, I do like to counter surf so if there is food left out I just might have a snack.  I’ve also pulled blankets into my kennel.  I don’t think I was supposed to but it seemed like a good idea at the time.  I guess what I’m saying is you will need to watch me until I get used to my surroundings.

I get so excited when my foster parents come home from work!  In fact, I love being with them so much that I get upset when they leave and go to work but we are working on that too.  I have some hard days but I’m learning to settle in and wait patiently for them to come home.

I’m also a little sensitive.  When I do something wrong my foster parents try to tell me in a stern voice that I’m being naughty.  Sometimes that scares me and I tuck my tail but I get over it quickly and I’m back to being my sweet self.

There’s a couple things that scare me.  I don’t like the vacuum cleaner at all.  When my foster mom starts that thing up, watch out ’cause I get out of the room as fast as I can.  Sometimes when my foster dad and I are walking I get a little nervous when cars come up from behind me.  It doesn’t happen every time, just occasionally.

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