My name is Marcus and I love life. Every day is a new opportunity. My foster mom says that each morning I am like a kid in a candy store. I bounce down the hallway like a deer when I get out of the kennel. I am alive. There is always something else to do and see. The veterinarian originally classified me as 4 years old but my mannerisms are much more adolescent and it is thought that I am likely a lot younger – 2ish. We don’t know for sure because dogs don’t keep track of birthdays! I have been through a lot in my lifetime. My foster mom doesn’t understand how someone could throw away a great dog like me but they did.

I moved to Nebraska from Texas and I had heart worm. I am through the treatment and moving forward thanks to my foster mom.  I am walking well with a gentle lead and am pretty much house broken. I even tell my foster mom when I need to go outside now.

My foster mom says that I have an exuberant personality. While I have a lot of energy, I am very affectionate and empathetic. I will give my foster mom a Doberman hug when I see that she is feeling down. I really want to care for those I love.

Did I tell you I love life? I love people. I love car rides. I love to play catch. I love my ball – I take it everywhere. I don’t even mind the snow. I have a lot of energy and just love to go. Sometimes my energy gets me in trouble with other dogs as I really do not know how to play with other dogs that well. I am getting along with my two foster sisters. At first I liked my foster cat sister but right now I am terrorizing her. My foster mom is working on that too. At this time I am not recommended for households with cats or small dogs. I like to chase and am way too rough for them.

I know come, sit, stay (not very long) and working on down. And, I am crate trained. I am very eager to please and learn. I will take food off of counters and basically eat anything on the floor including clothing. It will be very important to keep items picked up to keep me from ingesting something that could harm me. This is part of the adolescent behavior my foster mom sees That and I just don’t get how to read signals from dogs that tell me to back off. I would need to go into a home with a more submissive dog my own size who will be tolerant of me or I would be fine as an only dog.

I am longing for my forever home for someone that has the patience to teach me and help me be all that I can be. I need someone that understands that I am a working dog and that I need a job. I love to fetch so that is already one thing I can do.  My foster mom thinks I would be great in a working situation such as hunting or something like that where I have a job to do. I have to go to a home that gets me plenty of exercise and will agree to take me to classes and train me. I am young and have more energy than I know what to do with.

I am DRIVEN.  Focus my energy and give me a job to do and you will have a winner. I am all about people.

If you are interested in a young energetic, smart diamond in the rough who loves people I’m your guy.


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