Rainbow Bridge 2019

If you have lost your beloved Doberman, please let us know so that we may add their name to the list of Dobies going over the bridge. You can email us at dron95@yahoo.com or call 402-614-4495. We all grieve for you when you lose your best friend.


Josh and Ashley Chess


She will be dearly missed


You changed…we changed…everything changed.

We miss you,

Carol and Kevin


A force of nature to the very end.

We miss you,

Carol and Kevin


very much loved and missed by the Lee Family


Will be dearly missed
Tyall Nenneman


You were just a little girl with us such a short time but your impact on our hearts was HUGE. How you were loved and are missed!


Charlie we miss you! While you were with us, you brought us
immeasurable joy, now that you’re gone, we feel a deafening Silence
and loss. We have faith in knowing you crossed rainbow bridge to a new
healthy and happy life… And that we will meet again! Love you Charlie!

Kent and Jane Dunker