Help Needed for Tobias – New Arrival

May 10, 2020

We’d like everyone to meet Tobias (approx age 1 1/2). Tobias was hit by a car in another state and left to die until he was picked up and taken to their local shelter who contacted us. We quickly arranged a long distance relay to get him here. Tobias has a bad fracture on his front leg and had surgery to plate it. He is doing well but must not get any infection. Please pray that he continues to heal. We would gladly welcome any donations to help pay for his surgery and care. We know these are tough times for everyone but we are putting this out there anyway in hope that there are people who can help. You can donate on our website Paypal button ( or send a check to us at Doberman Rescue of Nebraska. 

Checks can be made to:

PO Box 390684
Omaha, NE  68139-0684


Thank you in advance for your help!

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