Tobias – Lincoln

My name is Tobias and I an approximately a year and a half old.  I had a long journey to come into rescue after I was hit by a car and left laying with a broken leg.  I was picked up and the rescue was contacted by the local authorities after no one claimed me so I arrived in here where I am getting medical care.  I had surgery and a plate was placed in my leg and the vet is watching very carefully to make sure I don’t get an infection.

UPDATE 6/27/20: My cast has come off and I am walking on my leg!  I am healing well and am ready to move on to the right home with certain criteria:

  • I must be kept on leash when outside – no running until I am 6 months post surgery- so until November 8th.
  • I cannot have any rough play with another big dog during this same time frame. It would be best if I go in with a dog that will not play rough with me
  • I cannot be ran with a jogger or bicycle.
  • I have NOT been cat tested.

Time will tell if the plate will have to be removed or stay in.  At this point we just don’t know.

I am a very sweet boy and very grateful for the care I am getting.  People are saying I am a heartbreaker but I am just happy to be alive and safe.

Please review the adoption rules.  If you qualify and are interested in adopting me, please place an application by : CLICKING HERE